v. & n.
1 tr. do a service for (a person, community, etc.).
2 tr. (also absol.) be a servant to.
3 intr. carry out duties (served on six committees).
4 intr. a (foll. by in) be employed in (an organization, esp. the armed forces, or a place, esp. a foreign country) (served in the air force). b be a member of the armed forces.
5 a tr. be useful to or serviceable for; meet the needs of; do what is required for (serve a purpose; one packet serves him for a week). b intr. meet requirements; perform a function (a sofa serving as a bed). c intr. (foll. by to + infin.) avail, suffice (his attempt served only to postpone the inevitable; it serves to show the folly of such action).
6 tr. go through a due period of (office, apprenticeship, a prison sentence, etc.).
7 tr. set out or present (food) for those about to eat it (asparagus served with butter; dinner was then served).
8 intr. (in full serve at table) act as a waiter.
9 tr. a attend to (a customer in a shop). b (foll. by with) supply with (goods) (was serving a customer with apples; served the town with gas).
10 tr. treat or act towards (a person) in a specified way (has served me shamefully; you may serve me as you will).
11 tr. a (often foll. by on) deliver (a writ etc.) to the person concerned in a legally formal manner (served a warrant on him). b (foll. by with) deliver a writ etc. to (a person) in this way (served her with a summons).
12 tr. Tennis etc. a (also absol.) deliver (a ball etc.) to begin or resume play. b produce (a fault etc.) by doing this.
13 tr. Mil. keep (a gun, battery, etc.) firing.
14 tr. (of an animal, esp. a stallion etc. hired for the purpose) copulate with (a female).
15 tr. distribute (served the ammunition out; served the rations round).
16 tr. render obedience to (a deity etc.).
17 Eccl. a intr. act as a server. b tr. act as a server at (a service).
18 intr. (of a tide) be suitable for a ship to leave harbour etc.
19 tr. Naut. bind (a rope etc.) with thin cord to strengthen it.
20 tr. play (a trick etc.) on.
1 Tennis etc. a the act or an instance of serving. b a manner of serving. c a person's turn to serve.
2 Austral. sl. a reprimand.
Phrases and idioms:
it will serve it will be adequate. serve one's needs (or need) be adequate. serve out retaliate on. serve the purpose of take the place of, be used as. serve a person right be a person's deserved punishment or misfortune. serve one's time
1 hold office for the normal period.
2 (also serve time) undergo imprisonment, apprenticeship, etc. serve one's (or the) turn be adequate. serve up offer for acceptance.
Etymology: ME f. OF servir f. L servire f. servus slave

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